Our History

After being married in Pittsburgh in 1891, Louis J. Marks and his new bride moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he perfected his skills in the jewelry business. As the turn of the century arrived, L.J. made the decision to move his wife and three children back to Pittsburgh. Now armed with his new knowledge and expertise, he opened L.J. Marks Wholesale Diamonds in 1901, on Fifth Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. It did not take long for L.J. Marks to become one of the largest wholesale diamond houses from New York to Chicago.

In 1926, the business moved to the Clark Building, the new jewelry hub of Pittsburgh. It was only two years later when L.J. passed, and the business fell to his only son, Samuel. The company remained with Samuel until it was again passed from father to son in 1968. It now became Louis’ turn, to follow in his father’s footsteps until his retirement in 1996, when the business came under the direction of his eldest son and current owner, Russell.

A year later, we made the hard decision to leave downtown and move to the suburb of beautiful, uptown Mt. Lebanon. Through four generations of family, we have been known for our quality and superior customer service. By maintaining the high standards we have always been known for, L.J. Marks Jewelers has evolved throughout the years into an excellent retail jeweler. We are proud to be able to accommodate all of our out-of-town customers through multiple resources.

Our customers are our biggest assets. We take pride in making your jewelry experience pleasant, informative, and always entertaining. So feel comfortable in your jewelry needs as we head towards our fifth generation of service.